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AI Empowerment Mastermind Program

Artificial Intelligence

Mastermind Program

Be among the top 1% of Professionals & Knowledge Workers using GenAI.

Bring the outmost creativity and productivity to what you do. Save at least 10 hours per week using ChatGPT and other Generative AI tools. Use those hours to achieve more or do what you have been procrastinating on a personal or business front.

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AI Empowerment Mastermind Program

AEP Certification Program

  • Master AI in Your Professional Life & Business

  • Learn the foundation of what AI, especially GenAI can do for you as a professional, and as business leader or business owner.

  • Achieve Your Productivity & Creativity Targets

  • Learn and use GenAI tools for tens of different domains. Get hands-on experience and implement tools you like already from today.

  • Build New Internal Tools & Products Fast

  • Build tools boosting efficiency and enhancing creativity of you and your team, using GenAI tools. Implement them as you build. 

  • Build New Offerings, Services & Businesses

  • Build new offerings, a new service, or a completely new business using GenAI tools sometimes even in few days.

  • Become The GenAI Advisor For Your Company

  • Being ahead of more than 99% of people, you will be talking a modern business language, everybody will be listening to.

  • Build AI-enabled Apps With Lightening Speed

  • What if you could build your first AI App in few minutes. Sounds too good to be true? We built the below chatbot in 30 minutes.

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  • Bring GenAI Into Your Professional Work & Business

    Learn how you can use GenAI tools in all you do to achieve enhanced creativity and higher productivity. Become the AI master for yourself and for your company.

    Learn the Fundamentals of AI

    Learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence to be able to identify opportunities for use of AI and especially GenAI tools in your work and your business.

    Use GenAI in Your Daily Work

    Use GenAI in everything you do. From GenAI assisted search and research, to creation of any material like text, slides, graphics, videos and more. Live GenAI. 

    Learn about Generative AI

    Learn all about the revolutionary technology of Generative AI (GenAI) and what it can do for you. This technology is your copilot helping you be more successful.

    Use AI in Business Strategy

    Build your Business Strategy usng GenAI. Using GenAI will make you a much better thinker, a subject matter expert of more topics, and a super-fast leader!

    Use GenAI to Stand Out in the Crowd

    Learn about all the GenAI tools and their applications. Get a skill under your skin that enables you look for and identify GenAI tools for everyting you do.

    Use AI in Business Management

    Use GenAI in every corner of managing your work and the funtion or the whole of business you are responsible for. Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Service, Other.

    Get to Know about Tens of AI Tools

    Use AI to analyze visual content, enabling automated image tagging, object recognition, video surveillance, and quality control in manufacturing processes.

    Use AI in All Professional Domains

    Learn a new use case for GenAI and the tools enabling them every week or every month. Visit AI Empowerment Hub regularly to be te smarters in the room.

    Use AI Tools to 10x Your Productivity

    Be the productivity! Learn how to use GenAI tools professionally, not only making you a great creator, but also a 10x faster than the crowd.

    Become an AEP

    Future is for subject matter experts who have GenAI under their arms. Let GenAI make you a AI Empowered Professional i.e., an AEP. We help you on the way!


    This Mastermind is not only a theoretical program. Joining this program, you will learn lots of core skills in using Generative AI (GenAI) in your daily work. Some examples include:

    Learn ChatGPT

    Learn how to professionally use ChatGPT for any purpose you want.

    • Learn the basics of GenAI

    • Learn ChatGPT fundamentals

    • Learn how to draft proper prompts

    • Learn how to prime ChatGPT to get best results

    • Learn how to design the prompts for your professional domain

    • Lots of tips and tricks

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    Learn Microsoft Copilot

    Learn how to use Microsoft Copilot to go beyond regular search and get your work of hours be done by Copilot in few minutes.

    • Learn the basics of Copilot

    • Learn fundamentals of modern search

    • Learn how to draft proper prompts for copilot

    • Learn how to get the results you want

    • Lots of tips and tricks

    • Join The Program

    Learn Writing Prompts

    Learn the basics of prompt engineering to know how to use ChatGPT way better than your peers.

    • Learn priming of the GPTs

    • Learn how to set the Persona / Style

    • Learn how to define the Target Audience / Market

    • Learn how to adjust the Reading Level to have your audience love your content

    • Learn how to set Rules to prevent GPTs producing wrong, or unwanted results

    • Lots of tips and tricks

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    Generate Quality Outcomes

    Learn how to turn the generated content by ChatGPT and other AI tools into high quality outcomes.

    • Learn how to write emails that sound like you

    • Learn how to write articles that are your voice and your content written by AI

    • Learn how to write e-books, and larger books using GenAI without compromising quality and authenticity

    • Learn how to prevent mediocre content and plagiarism while producing content with lightening speed

    • Lots of writing tips and improvement solutions

    • Join The Program

    Manage Your Knowledge

    Learn how to use Generative AI tools like ChatGPT to manage and access your own and your organizations' collective knowledge: 

    • More away from piles of folders and files in your libraries you never use or find to use

    • Let GenAI organize your knowledge for you

    • Access your knowledge directly through a simple Q&A chat box

    • Create a digital assistant for any part of your organization (customer support, sales, technical, HR, finance, etc)

    • Get 10x or more efficiency in your processes needing access and utilization of such knowledge

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    Generate Ideas & Find Solutions

    Learn how to turn the generated ideas and solutions using ChatGPT and other AI tools with incredible speed:

    • Learn generating great ideas and finding solutions to complex problems using ChatGPT and other GenAI tools

    • Learn how to evaluate, refine, and improve ideas and solutions using GenAI 

    • Learn how to turn your ideas and solutions to great presentations and proposals with high quality and authenticity in few minutes, using GenAI

    • Lots of creativity and problem-solving tips and improvement solutions

    • Join The Program

    Automating Tasks and Processes

    Learn how to use Generative AI tools like ChatGPT to automate various tasks and processes to create world class efficiency: 

    • Learn how various GenAI tools can help you automate tasks

    • Learn about modern AI tools which you can use to automate business processes

    • Create efficiency and reduce the time spent on various core and support tasks

    • Beat your peers and competitors with super human like performance

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    Modernize Marketing and Sales using Generative AI

    Learn how to bring your marketing and sales to supersonic speeds using ChatGPT and other AI tools:

    • Learn create high quality social media posts, blog articles, e-books, brochures, and other content  in minutes using ChatGPT and other GenAI tools

    • Learn how to analyze your marketing and sales content and performance and find improvement opportunities using GenAI 

    • Learn to repurpose and recreate content from text, to audio, video, web, and more in minutes using GenAI tools  

    • Learn new tips and trick every month

    • Join The Program

    Create Business Strategy, Operation, and Intelligence

    Learn how to use Generative AI tools like ChatGPT to create, modify, and improve business strategy: 

    • Learn how create business strategy using ChatGPT and other GenAI tools

    • Learn how create evaluate your business strategy, find areas for improvement or change using ChatGPT and other GenAI tools

    • Build growth strategy, marketing strategy, efficiency strategy, and much more using GenAI

    • Increase your strategy process by 10x or more using GenAI

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    AI Empowered Professional

    Join AEP Program and learn all about Generative AI and its application in professional life. Demonstrate your competence by getting certified as an "AI Empowered Professional" i.e. an AEP.



  • What is the impact of artificial intelligence (AI), especially the Generative AI (GenAI) on your profession? Are you concerned of losing your job to AI? Do you want to stay competent?


  • What is the impact of artificial intelligence (AI), especially Generative AI (GenAI) on your business? Is it going to damage it? Can you even benefit from AI in your business?


  • How can you benefit from AI tools? How can you use them to be more productive in your profession and business? How can you ensure you benefit from all GenAI has to offer?



  • Join other AEP Certified Professionals Today

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    AI Knowledge Bot

    Ask anything you may want to learn about Artificial Intelligence from our Knowledge Bot.

    Learn how to build such an intelligent AI tool for your own use case or professional domain in one day.

    Join other AEP Certified Professionals Today

    Online Year Membership + Monthly Workshops + Tens of Resources + More

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    Complimentary Copy of THE AI SHIFT

    Register for our AI Empowerment Mastermind Program and claim your complimentary copy of the Book, THE AI SHIFT.



    Unlocking the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Professional Success and Career Growth. This comprehensive guide is designed to equip professionals seeking career growth as well as intrapreneurs and corporate innovators like you with the knowledge and strategies needed to thrive in the age of AI.

    In today's rapidly evolving world, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping industries and revolutionizing the way we work. Whether you are an aspiring professional looking to advance your career or an intrapreneur seeking innovative solutions for your organization, understanding and leveraging AI is essential to stay ahead of the curve and unlock new opportunities. The primary objective of this ebook is to empower you to navigate the dynamic world of AI, embrace its potential, and harness its power for your professional success.

    Learn from Dr. Maralani

    Founder of AI Empowerment Hub

    Dr. Maralani is a corporate leader, a business coach and an author with more than 25 years of multi-discipline experience in business and technology.

    Being passionate about Digital Transformation and its impact on the Entrepreneurship world, he studies developments in technology and its role in transforming businesses and societies. He shares my insights with you through my publications, courses, and coaching programs.

    As founder of AI Empowerment Hub, he shares part of his knowledge and skills with others who may want to learn about applied AI and its role in shaping the future of their career.

    • Join him to learn about world of Generative AI

    • Join him to learn use AI Tools in your work today

    • Join him to shape the future of your career

    His goal is to show you how you can benefit from GenAI today, and shape your career for tomorrow.

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    A Knowledge Hub for Professionals who want to shape the future of their career with curiosity, creativity and productivity.

    Become an "AI EMPOWERED PROFESSIONAL" i.e., an "AEP"
    To Be Ahead of 99% of Your Peers

    Become an AEP

    Harness the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize your career and your business with gaining applied AI knowledge. We help you leverage GenAI tools to boost your productivity and enhance your creativity. You become an AI Empowered Professional (AEP) in demand by all companies and business partners.

    Learn GenAI

    We work with you so that you can learn about GenAI and what it can do for you and your business.

    Use GenAI

    We help you go beyond learning and use tools enabling you achieve more and deeper results.

    Win with GenAI

     We help you achieve your professional and business objectives faster using GenAI.

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